About Us

Sahara Footprints is a travel agency that organizes all kind of desert tours and desert trekkings in Morocco. The original home of all members of our team is M'hamid el Ghizlane (Province de Zagora), the last village before the vast Sahara. The desert is our home, which we love and take care of. A fair and respectful treatment of both nature and dromedaries is really important to us. We look forward to helping you plan and organize any kind of travel to magical desert and to initiate you in the nomads’ way of life and traditions. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, clear nights under the sky full of shining stars, red and orange sand dunes, traditional meals and especially the kindness of people that you will meet are memories that will stay in your heart. 


He is the founder and director of Sahara Footprints. Born and raised in a nomadic family around the desert of M’hamid, he is still deep-rooted with the desert and feels connected with its way of life and the traditions. His passion is trekking. During the travel he can offer authentic insights in the nomadic lifestyle and is happy to share his knowledge with the guests. He speaks Arabic, Darija, English, and French. 


He works as a driver and guide in our team and his roots are also in a nomadic family of M’hamid. He has worked in the touristic domain for years, so he brings abundant experience as a guide. Brahim knows all the places that are worth a visit in Morocco. He really loves his work and will do his best to make your trip unforgettable. He speaks Arabic, Darija and some English, and French.


He is one of Ali’s cousins and works as a desert guide. His home was and still is M’hamid and the Sahara. Therefore, he knows the region very well and will accompany you in your trekking. He grew up working with dromedaries and takes great care of them. He speaks Arabic, Darija and some English. 


He is the cook on our trekking adventures. With fresh and local ingredients, he cooks tasty and traditional meals to show you the variety of Moroccan kitchen. He has years of experience as a cook in restaurants, bivouacs and in trekking and works with passion.